SneakERASERS Combo Pack (26 sponges!)

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As a thanks to you for supporting us on Good Morning America, we're extending this offer with their extremely discounted price! Containing 6 pre-moistened singles and two dry 10-packs, this is our ultimate combo pack! 

These straight up crush the competition and keep your shoes looking brand new after each cleaning.

  • 6 individually packaged, pre-moistened SneakERASERS
  • 2 Ten-Packs of our "add water" sponges
  • The absolute best cleaning and restoring capability, especially for white soles
  • Unique composition of sponge and shammy with proprietary all-natural cleaning formula
  • Works on all types of footwear but avoid using the white side of this product on ultra-delicate suede
  • Rub gently to extend life of sponge
  • When sponge dries, simply add water to fully reactivate!
  • Patent Pending